Patrick Cox is now giving private lessons!

nice day for a walk

Learn to be a better photographer.

I. Beginner (three sessions 60 min each) $350

a. Getting to know your equipment part I

a. Getting to know your equipment part II

b. Let’s go and try it (outdoors)

II. Intermediate  (three sessions 90 min each) $550

a. Composition, angles and camera setup

b. Let’s go and try it

c. I think I made good photographs now what? (Post Production)

-Color, Contrast, Histograms and Fundamental touch-up.

III Advanced (four sessions 2 hours each)  $900

a. Push your camera to its limits

b. Lighting, lighting, lighting, and you guessed it, lighting

c. Interacting will all kinds of people, the psychology of photography (being creative)

d. Let’s go and try it (you choose indoor studio lighting, Indoor available light, outdoors)

IV. Private Lessons ($125/hr)

a.    Just want to bend your ear and pay by hour for what ever my need is.

b.    I want to to critique my work and help me improve.

c.     I always wanted to know….. can you show me how.

Group discounts available.

All courses will be taught interactively and the student will leave with the knowledge they came for. It will not be all lecture, but digging in to the use of a camera, etc..

***Each class above is quoted at private rates. The class will be tailored to each student/photographers needs. When you complete the course you will immediately be a better photographer and will receive a certificate of completion from the course.

When booking, there are some prerequisites and deposit required.  For further questions like booking, gift certificates, etc.. Please email

Group class schedules for 2011 will be published next month, after we have a better idea of the class sizes, etc… Please let me know your preferred times. Although not promised, we will see where most people are able to meet.


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