Cox Photography Photo-Adventures

moab utah
I am packed and ready, and yes that is my Noctilux .95

-We are planning the calendar for our photo-adventure trips for the next 12-months.

Have you ever been in a super cool place, and your eyes see all this interesting and beautiful stuff? So, you pull out your camera, and shoot everything in sight, only to be disappointed by your results. I will be there to insure you leave will killer images! Or perhaps you already have some skill, and need an excuse to plan for a trip you would never take otherwise. (still willing to help)

Photography adventures are refreshing and good for the soul. The mission is  go with a select group of people to very interesting places. Travel with our gear, get the creative juices flowing, and return motivated with super images to share. If this is for you, you are in the right place. We will be hosting local events as well as longer road trips. There is a cost to be a part of the trip in addition to the travel costs, etc…  And the cost will depend on how long we are gone, and what time it takes to pull things together. The Trips will fill up pretty fast based on the interest and feedback I have received. I have professional drivers who are available for the off-road trips, with rigged out vehicles to safely carry us and our expensive stuff where ever we wish to go. Here are some of the trips we are thinking of, so if you are interested in one or more, please send a note to State your interests and leave your contact information. We will figure out costs, and share. To book, there is a deposit required (we take visa and m/c, check in the mail and green money).

I am also thinking a gallery opening for each trip is appropriate with judging and prizes for participants.

Short trips / workshops:

  • Leaves turning blue ridge, including an off road adventure (day trip) We will hire professional off road drivers
  • Low country (Charleston and or Savannah) (three day?)
  • Hush Hole Mountain (1/2 day trip) We will hire professional off road drivers
  • Old barns of SC (day trip at most)
  • Coal creek  in the coal mines of Tennessee  (3 day trip) We will hire professional off road drivers
  • Junk yards of SC (1/2 day to full day) old cars etc… (perhaps models?)

Long trips / workshops:

  • Moab Utah (week) tour guides by professional drivers (this is a desert trip and you need to be prepared) We will leave the desert each night before nightfall (at least that is the plan)
  • The Castles of Germany (week)
  • Tibet? Not kidding (10 days) this may take time to plan etc.. but I am going there
  • Venice, Italy (5 days)
  • Iceland (week) off road drivers will be hired

Let me know if you would like me to arrange models for any and all trips? I should have no problem arranging this.

Travel expenses, etc.. will be in addition to the cost of the trip.


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