choose from the less expected

Ansel Adams would be proud

Every now and again, someone comes to talk with us about a photography thing and they ask: “So, what kind of gear do you have?” It is one of those things where you look at them and wonder what exactly is the question. Do they want to know if I can make a pinhole camera? Do they want to know that I am using something they have heard of before? Or perhaps they want to hear that I am using professional stuff and need that warm and fuzzy. Often times, it is a leading question so they can tell me about uncle Bob’s stuff and how he will be annoying the crap out of me at the wedding if that is alright with me (that is the part where you hopefully laugh, if you didn’t you were thinking about asking me that; so now you know my position…HA). Seriously, I don’t really care if they stay out of the way.

Depending on how I see the project, depends on what I will bring to the party. It also depends on how fast things are going to be moving along. I have all the Canon stuff worth having (no photos sorry). I have Mamiya and Phase one and all the lenses worth having (again, no photos sorry). I have 35mm film, 120/220 film for hasselblad and mamiya. And here is usually the part where someone asks…so you still shoot film????? Like it is some good or bad thing, or perhaps just a surprise. Nonetheless,  I like film and where possible, I like to shoot off a roll or two for artsy darkroom experiments and personal pleasure. If I think they may be of use to you, or I think you will appreciate them, I will share them with you :). Yes we can shoot your project or wedding in film. Here is the part where I mention that grain is cool. Motion in photos is cool. Also intentionally soft images are cool too. Also I think the flash should be used as a last resort.  Natural light with grain is much much better 🙂 Make me a guest at your event. Let me roam around and document what is happening.

Photographers usually do one of two things:

1. They have an idea of what your wedding should look like, so they get in there and make it happen.

2. They arrive at the wedding and document what is happening.

I prefer the second since the day should not be forced to unfold, but should unfold naturally. Some want a blend of the two, which is fine and often appropriate. I am just giving you a perspective to consider since photography and how to do it may not be your thing. If a photographer spends all his time bossing people around (all day) in my opinion he messes with time and history. Think about it….

Here are some of my toys, that I like to play with:

My M9 need I say more?
have your cake and eat it too film and digital with hasselblad
Leica M3 old school 35mm

Me and my Graflex posing together in goofiness with split-light. Perhaps I should have put my finger on my face in thought?


One thought on “choose from the less expected

  1. Berenice Ramage on said:

    I was wanting to get family pictures taken. Whats your schedule like? Can I have some prices? We live in Anderson, SC.

    Let me know!!

    Thank you!

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