patrick cox

Patrick Cox http://www.coxphotography.net – 1116 south main street – Greenville, SC 29601 – 864.233.9992

Yes, I am a photographer, but photography is not my job, it is my obsession. My life is in such a good place, and I would have it no other way. I love what I do. I have been making photographs for over 20 years. Seemingly I am never satisfied with what I do. I am continually studying, researching, and experimenting to find the next things that will make me happy. My work is my passion that is second to none, save my wife and children. Journalism is my preference, although I can adjust my style to meet your needs. I am very capable to produce a superior product in a short period, but nothing can beat being given the time to explore and seek out the very best (this is a shameless hint). When I appear to wander around aimlessly, I find that which cannot be found otherwise. The interesting thing, is I never know what that is until my lens runs into it. Let me do my thing and you will receive a product which will contain emotion, love and personal value.

I retired from my engineering job ten years ago, at an early age (I am 39 and holding), to pursue photography. I never thought that it would turn into what I have now. I have traveled to the East, Middle East and Europe, which lead to very enriching experiences. So, here I am ready and willing to travel and exceed your expectations. I am grateful that I can live my dream.
I have won my share of awards, but your praise is much more rewarding and fulfilling. I suppose the awards are a way to validate that others like what I am doing.

I have four camera sets and in my opinion every lens worth having. From Canon to Hasselblad, from Leica to Mamiya, pick your poison. Since both sides of my brain work to some extent, I love the technical things as well as the art. I shoot film and digital (medium 220 and 35). I shoot with lenses from the 50’s and the latest technology. It just depends your your mood and mine. I am a natural light, available light shooter, but also have tungsten, Elinchrom studio and portable, Metz, and hotshoe flashes. I studied light as an engineer (I did robot programming and visions system programming in the late 80’s and 90’s) I studied light when ccd’s were .2mp and a million dollars. I studied light with the doctors who wrote the white papers for some of the first ccd’s. I like light, and I hope you like how I use it.

Thank you for your interest and I wish you all the best.

Patrick Cox

photographer and artist

The Downtown studio


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  1. I own a bagel store in West Milford and one of my customers said she used to work with you years ago and that you do great work. Can you send me pricing info for weddings, I am getting married on June 5th of next year.


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