New Years Day Wedding 1-1-11

new years wedding
cox photography

This is a wedding that was on 1-1-11 at the falls cottage in greenville,sc. It is across the street from the pomegranate restaurant. I really loveĀ  this nighttime image. Fox was there interviewing the couple and it made the news. A very cool memory for them! I was outside checking out the weather and look what I found in the window (below)!

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One thought on “New Years Day Wedding 1-1-11

  1. Randy Sellet on said:

    I just love everything about this nighttime photo on the sidewalk! From the reflectivity of the moisture on the walk, to just the right amount of depth-of-field, the lighting – and the tree lights add a slightly festive feel, to the view of “the road ahead” by including the lengthy sidewalk from near to far, as if it is symbolic of the road ahead in life for the newlyweds.
    Excellent Photo!

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